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Goodbye, preacher.

two times sam buried dean. :)

something that drives me insane is that when people who have never been through the same shit as you in life look at you and tell you to get over it or move on, like shut the fuck up, you havent walked in my shoes so dont come to my page and tell me to calm down when its my blog. if you dont like what i post either keep scrolling or unfollow…i dont need your negativity on my page

ok rant over…sorry guys but i really hate when people who have never been through the stuff as you or are younger than you and dont understand tell you to just get over or to calm down 

(and i dont hate younger kids on here im just saying dont comment on something you havent been through and really dont understand)

blahahah oh shit…im just gonna act like someone didnt say that shit on my photo who is that young…oh lord…

This is so beyond true